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  人工智能从诞生以来,理论和技术日益成熟,应用领域也不断扩大,可以设想,未来人工智能带来的科技产品,将会是人类智慧的“容器”。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的对于人工智能的看法英语作文 人工智能的英语作文,希望能帮助到大家!


  Andrew Ng is hunched over his smartphone, in a pantomime of key-pecking, squinting, typo-ridden discomfort. “This is how we do it today,” he says.

  吴恩达(Andrew Ng)驼着背低着头,略带夸张地在他的智能手机上比划着不停点击屏幕、眯着眼却仍然错字连篇的那种不自在的样子。“我们如今是这样做的,”他称。

  “And this is how we should be doing it,” says the chief scientist for Baidu, China’s largest search engine. He sits back in his chair, speaking to no one in particular with his phone placed on the table. The one-finger typing agony of millions of smartphone users should one day become a thing of the past, he says. All it would take is the creation of a reasonably accurate, pocket-sized electronic version of a human brain.


  Mr Ng is an expert in deep learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that focus on teaching computers how to talk, listen, read, and think like us. The area is fast becoming a priority for the world’s biggest technology companies, including Baidu as it tackles the era of the mobile internet.

  吴恩达是深度学习(deep learning)领域的专家,该领域是人工智能的一个分支,专注于让计算机学习如何像我们一样听、说、读、思。由于该领域与移动互联网时代紧密相连,它正迅速成为包括百度在内的全球最大科技公司的优先发展领域。

  “The whole world is switching to mobile devices but no one has created a usable interface to input into the devices,” he says. With the development of artificial intelligence, “soon you’ll be able to order food and just say ‘Can I have some food delivered to my house before I get home?’ out loud.”


  “It won’t even feel like technology, it will just be in the background.”


  In addition to better voice recognition, AI is being talked about for any number of uses from predicting advertising clicks to recognising faces.


  Since joining Baidu last year, Mr Ng has been steadily working to implement this vision. A UK native with Chinese roots, he founded in 2011 Google Brain, the US technology company’s deep learning project, and led it until he joined the Chinese company last year. Poaching him was regarded as a coup in the technology world.

  自从去年加入百度以来,吴恩达一直在为实现这个愿景而稳扎稳打。作为一名出生在英国的华人,他在2011年创建了“谷歌大脑”(Google Brain)——谷歌的深度学习项目,并且在去年加入百度前一直领导着该项目。百度撬走吴恩达被认为是科技界的一次政变。

  He describes the advanced computers at Baidu’s Sunnyvale, California, lab as “rocket engines” whose software can be taught to mimic the functioning of the human mind. Their “fuel” is data, which he gets from Baidu’s trove of online video and audio output as he works to teach the electronic brain to listen and speak.


  The company has an advantage in deep-learning algorithms for speech recognition in that most video and audio in China is accompanied by text — nearly all news clips, television shows and films are close-captioned and almost all are available to Baidu and Iqiyi, its video affiliate.


  While a typical academic project uses 2,000 hours of audio data to train voice recognition, says Mr Ng, the troves of data available to China’s version of Google mean he is able to use 100,000 hours.


  He declines to specify just how much the extra 98,000 hours improves the accuracy of his project, but insists it is vital.


  “A lot of people underestimate the difference between 95 per cent and 99 per cent accuracy. It’s not an ‘incremental’ improvement of 4 per cent; it’s the difference between using it occasionally versus using it all the time,” he says.


  Thanks to the strides made in Chinese language voice recognition — a particular challenge because of the number of homonyms and the importance of context — Baidu will soon roll out Deepspeech, a voice recognition software similar to Apple’s Siri.


  Other Chinese companies including Alibaba and Tencent are also making advances in AI, but thanks largely to Mr Ng’s reputation Baidu is now judged by industry experts to be ahead of its domestic peers, ranking up alongside US rivals Facebook, Google, and IBM.


  “Artificial intelligence is an oligopoly,” says Yang Jing, founder of AI Era, an association for the artificial intelligence industry in China. “It’s a game for the titans.”

  “人工智能是寡头垄断行业,”中国人工智能行业协会新智元(AI Era)创始人杨静说,“这是一个巨头间的游戏。”

  Baidu already saves Rmb17m ($2.7m) per day at its data centres by using deep-learning algorithms to predict hard drive malfunctions, and it is also using AI to optimise the use of advertisements and photos to improve clickthrough rates. It would not reveal how much it is spending on AI development overall.


  But in spite of lofty long-term ambitions, translating deep learning into money-making projects is still largely on the horizon.


  Mr Ng is undaunted. “There’s no question that [AI] is creating huge economic value; there’s no question that this will continue to create huge advances,” he says. “There is still a huge gap between the way machines learn and the way humans learn.”



  GWEN IFILL: Now we continue our series about artificial intelligence, A.I., where computers are able to make intelligent decisions without human input.

  As computing power gets stronger and people continue to generate massive amounts of data, A.I. is making its way into the marketplace and into your doctor's examination room.

  Hari Sreenivasan has the latest in series on breakthroughs in invention and innovation.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Advances in artificial intelligence continue to push the boundaries between science fiction and reality, like this brain-controlled device at the University of Minnesota. It enables users to fly a model helicopter with only their thoughts. The hope is it will soon help disabled people to operate robotic arms.

  But you don't need to be in a university lab to find A.I. It's all around us.

  MAN: What's the fifth planet from the sun?

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Helping us search for information.

  WOMAN: Jupiter is the fifth planet orbiting the sun.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Our smartphones use A.I. to navigate us, choosing the least congested traffic routes. Even the U.S. Postal Service uses it to sort mail. And on Wall Street, autonomous machines help make major financial decisions.

  RAY KURZWEIL, Inventor/Futurist: At least 90 percent of the financial transactions are guided in one way or another by artificial intelligence.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Ray Kurzweil directs Google's engineering lab, but spoke to us in his capacity as an independent inventor. He's convinced that A.I. programs are already on track to solve many of the problems vexing mankind today.

  RAY KURZWEIL: They're helping us find a cure for disease, helping us diagnose disease, analyzing environmental data to help us clean up the environment. Virtually every industrial process is a combination already of human and machine intelligence.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Large tech firms are betting big on the promise of A.I. Last year, Google paid $400 million to acquire DeepMind, a London startup specializing in deep learning. Facebook is raising eyebrows as it continues to pluck A.I. talent. And IBM is investing $1 billion to grow its Watson division, based out of new headquarters in New York's Silicon Alley.

  Remember Watson, the supercomputer which beat a pair of “Jeopardy” game show champions in 2011?

  MAN: Watson?

  COMPUTER: What is Jericho?

  MAN: Correct.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Well, in the four years since, IBM has sped Watson up 24-fold. What used to be a room full of computing machines can now fit into a pizza box, all accessed from the cloud.

  You could say these are the brains that power Watson, but since all the data lives on the cloud, it's hard to visualize.

  GURUDUTH BANAVAR, IBM: What you see is how Watson works.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Guru Banavar is vice president of cognitive computing at IBM.

  GURUDUTH BANAVAR: Watson has come a very long way.

  We have taken some of the underlying technologies that helped us win the “Jeopardy” game show, and applied it in many domains that matter, like health care, education, business decision-making.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Last month, IBM Introduced Watson Health, its entry into the personalized health care space. The idea is to use Watson's A.I. to make sense of vast troves of health data to deliver tailored information to physicians, insurers, researchers and hospitals.

  GURUDUTH BANAVAR: The difference between any data that previously we were able to analyze and the new data that are — we have to apply artificial intelligence techniques to is that the new data is natural language. It's just written in English. Computers have never been able to understand natural language.

  Typically, these are very high-end, complex information that's published by scientific researchers, and now Watson is able to read those.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: At the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mark Kris, a thoracic oncologist, is leading a team that is teaching Watson how to diagnose cancer.

  DR. MARK G. KRIS, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: We needed some way to help doctors deal with the deluge of information that's available now.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Watson is being trained to sort through reams of information about the patient, the most current medical research, and get it to the doctor to help make a decision, all at a pace beyond humans.

  DR. MARK G. KRIS: Our kind of idea here though is that this system is going to be like what we kind of call a learned colleague.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: A colleague that can assist with instant diagnoses and recommended courses of treatment. The recommendations are highly personalized based on a patient's unique genetic makeup.

  DR. MARK G. KRIS: The person I'm asking about is a 55-year-old man who already has had surgery for his lung cancer. It was discovered that this cancer had spread to lymph glands that were nearby.

  So, the first thing this system does is, it shows all the different treatments that are recommended. And then now I ask what kind of chemo to give, and it points to a chemo regimen, two different drugs. And if I want the more information about exactly why this decision was made, there's a little button right next to this chemo choice that takes you to the medical literature and some key publications about this regimen, the benefits it can give, and why that choice was made.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Dr. Bob Wachter is associate chair at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical School and author of a new book, “The Digital Doctor.”

  DR. ROBERT WACHTER, University of California, San Francisco: In some ways, ironic that computers will probably be best at low-level tasks, pretty simple algorithmic stuff. I have a runny nose and a cough and a low-grade fever. What should I do? And high — very high-complexity stuff, like, I have an unusual form of lung cancer and I have these genetic mutations, and what should I do?

  HARI SREENIVASAN: But Wachter says where computers and A.I. still struggle is in the middle.

  DR. ROBERT WACHTER: A lot of medicine kind of lives in that middle ground, where it's really messy. And someone comes in to see me and they have a set of complaints and physical exam findings all that. And it could be — if you look it up in a computer, it could be some weird — it could be the Bubonic plague, but it probably is the flu.

  HARI SREENIVASAN: Wachter is also concerned about fatal implications that can result from an over-reliance on computers. In his book, he writes about a teenage patient at his own hospital who barely survived after he was given 39 times the amount of antibiotics he should have received.

  DR. ROBERT WACHTER: So, in two different cases, the computers threw up alerts on the computer screen that said, this is an overdose. But the alert for a 39-fold overdose and the alert for a 1 percent overdose looked exactly the same. And the doctors clicked out of it. The pharmacists clicked out of it. Why? Because they get thousands of alerts a day, and they have learned to just pay no attention to the alerts.

  Where the people are relegated to being monitors of a computer system that's right most of the time, the problem is, periodically, the computer system will be wrong. And the question is, are the people still engaged or are they now asleep at the switch because the computers are so good?

  HARI SREENIVASAN: That's one of many ethical questions facing scientists, and society, as artificial intelligence continues its rapid advance.

  For the PBS NewsHour, I'm Hari Sreenivasan in New York.


  Can machines really think? The artificial intelligence, such as a computer that thinks like a human being is scary. Is building a machine that thinks like a human really possible? We are ever closer to building an AI that thinks like a human. When it comes to this issues, different people offer different views, some people think that machine has feelings like human beings is interesting and it may be a better server to human; while the other think it is dangerous, it may causes a revolt.


  People who approved of human feelings machine think that once robot has specific feelings, such as happy, sad, anger, they might be more humanize. For example, maybe in the future a robot nanny will replace a real human nanny, who are work more effective and without any complain. If they have real emotion, they are more perfect, and more like a company but not a cool machine.


  People who against human robot argue that once the robot is more intelligent than we think, that maybe a great tribulation to human beings. There has a potential risks that once the robot is smart enough, they may unwilling to be human’s server anymore, they may want to be legally citizens, or even worse, to be the owner of the world. It is possible because they are smart and they are stronger compare with human beings.


  It is not sure what will happen in the future, having robot to serve for human beings is a good thing, but the issue of artificial intelligence is still controversial.



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  • 争做美德少年手抄报画|学习美德少年争做美德少年作文

    篇一:学习美德少年争做美德少年作文  美德,是至善至纯至高人性的结晶。它源自生活又融入生活,不仅仅是你有美德之称就行了,在这个现实生活中有许多事是不公平的,有美德的人总是被遗忘,而没有美德的人却被...

    小考作文 日期:2019-04-11 08:31:17

  • 【成长路上一路有你作文】精选作文路上有你

    母亲是棵常绿树,四季如春陪伴你的左右;母亲是本教科书,引领你走向未知的世界;母亲是个夜明珠,照亮人生长夜的路。  小时候为了生活,父亲外出打工留下母亲照顾我,那时起母亲便挑起了全家重担。时常早出晚...

    小考作文 日期:2019-04-11 08:31:16

  • [关于友情的作文]精选作文在友情的路上

    在路上,总会遇到一两个深不见底的悬崖,对面便是那最初的美好,每每想跨越,却每每被阻拦,但友情却可以帮助你。  假如我是河底的一块石子,虽然每天受到了河水的冲刷,但友情使我更加美丽,更加耀眼。  假...

    小考作文 日期:2019-04-11 08:31:11

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  • 【关于生活的作文】作文:好生活和烂生活

    我们现在的小孩都生活在爸爸妈妈的阳光下,生活的都很幸福。不过也有些人不珍惜这好的生活,有好的生活条件还去糟蹋。  我们现在有好的学校读书,放学后还有校车接送,中午还有饭菜吃。用的很贵的东西,住的好...

    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:57:01

  • 珍惜生活的作文_适应生活,珍惜生活作文


    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:56:59

  • 【提出建设海洋强国】建设海洋强国作文

    海洋强国是指在开发海洋、利用海洋、保护海洋、管控海洋方面拥有强大综合实力的国家。下面是建设海洋强国作文,请参考!  建设海洋强国的意义  世界各海洋大国间展开的作为综合国力竞争重要领域的海洋经济、...

    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:56:58

  • 支部委员会会议内容|支部学习会议的简报

    支部学习会议的简报应该要怎么写呢?下面是小编为大家整理的支部学习会议的简报,供大家参考。  支部学习会议的简报【1】  制造一部勤奋工作为世界级××贡献力量  1月6日,制造一部组织全体管理人员学...

    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:56:57

  • 【科技改变生活的作文】毁灭生活改变生活作文


    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:56:57

  • 强国梦与中国梦的绘画|中国梦,强国梦


    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:55:55

  • 水对我们生活的影响|生活如水


    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:55:44

  • 乐生活物业|乐生活


    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:55:39

  • 【断想是什么意思】生活断想


    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:55:39

  • 消费者维护权益的电话|维护海洋权益建设海洋强国


    单元作文 日期:2019-03-16 14:55:39

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  • 关于人工智能的英语作文_怎样看待人工智能英语作文

    我们所处的时代是“人工智能”时代,人工智能时代人类又该如何正确认识自身?以下是小编为你整理的关于人工智能英语作文。看待人工智能的作文Can machines really th...

    英语作文 日期:2019-04-10 08:39:28

  • 英语作文邀请函范文|英语作文邀请函模板

    邀请信是邀请亲朋好友或知名人士、专家等参加某项活动时所发的请约性书信。以下是小编精心准备的英语作文邀请函模板,大家可以参考以下内容哦!  英文邀请函格式【1】  结构要点:  邀请信是邀请收信人参加某项活动的书信,包含三个方面:  1 邀请对方参加活动的内容、时间和地点;  2 与该活动有关的...

    英语作文 日期:2019-04-04 10:17:26

  • 英语作文生日邀请函范文_生日邀请函英语作文120字

    生日邀请函是常见的邀请函之一,下面就是小编为您收集整理的生日邀请函英语作文120字的相关文章,希望可以帮到您,如果你觉得不错的话可以分享给更多小伙伴哦!  篇一:英语生日邀请函  Dear friend,  I’m very happy,because my birthday will come...

    英语作文 日期:2019-04-04 10:10:51

  • 关于春节的英语作文 春节的英语作文

      春节是中国的传统节日,在春节期间,中国的汉族和很多少数民族都要举行各种活动以示庆祝。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的关于春节 ...

    英语作文 日期:2019-03-28 16:45:04

  • [雾霾英语作文带翻译]关于雾霾的英语作文带翻译

    篇一Since the development of the technology, the society gets modernized, people make use of the high technology to pursue more profit Though the gover...

    英语作文 日期:2019-03-28 09:42:51

  • [我对幸福的理解英语作文]我对幸福的理解

    《我对幸福的理解》文风洒脱,妙趣横生,在愉悦的阅读中,给人以满怀的幸福感!  其实我也不知道幸福是什么?幸福原本就是个空虚也空洞的字眼,幸福的意义我们没法用理论去剖解,它是无形的,它就是一个模糊的概念,很飘忽,只能用心去体会。而我们人类可以赋予这字眼以内容和能量,让它充实起来,不再是两个字,开始...

    英语作文 日期:2019-03-28 09:37:15

  • 描写冬天的英文作文100字|描写冬天的英文作文

    引导语:冬天的风景很美,白雪皑皑,天地银装素裹,我们写过很多关于冬天的作文,那么,你会写描写冬天的英文作文吗?描写冬天的英文作文篇一:冬天的太阳The winter sun is very warm, very gentle, very fresh, very pure, cold winter,...

    英语作文 日期:2019-03-28 09:36:24

  • 留学热英语作文|常见留学热点问题解答

    1 如何选择适合的语言学校?首先,要决定哪些因素对你来说比较重要,比如,学费、地点、课程长度、班级人数、住宿的选择、课外活动,或是有没有职业专用的英语课程等,然后根据这些你最关心的方面来选择学校。2 ...

    英语作文 日期:2019-03-28 07:54:04

  • 四级英语作文范文大全_反腐败斗争四级英语作文

    Anti Corruption Campaign  Corruption cases are frequently reported by news media For example, som...

    英语作文 日期:2019-03-28 07:53:12

  • 英语作文常用谚语_英语作文:中英谚语对照

    1 红白喜事weddingsand funerals  2 鸡皮疙瘩gooseflesh  3 小菜一碟apiece of cake  4 受青睐的人ablue-eyed boy  5 ...

    英语作文 日期:2019-03-21 09:12:36

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  • 开学初的感想日记|考试后的感想日记

    导语:时光流逝,岁月如梭。从我身边悄然而过。不知不觉中期中考试却在同学们的期盼声中赶来了,我将迎来我第一次正规的期中考试。以下是小编为大家整理分享的考试后的感想日记,欢迎阅读参考。  篇一:考试后...

    日记大全 日期:2019-04-11 08:31:45

  • 开学初的感想日记|日记考试前的感想

    往往大多数同学,写感想事都有这些话“这一次考试太粗心了,以后我一定要努力,做一个 的好学生”或者是“这次有进步,但是我不会骄傲,我会继续努力的。”等一些千篇一律,庸俗,泛着腻味的语言,且往往...

    日记大全 日期:2019-04-11 08:26:54

  • 写观察日记|小学生观察写话谈

    写观察作文是老师安排我们小学生正常做的作业之一。那么怎样才能写限这类作文呢?我想谈一些看法,供同学们参考。 一、观察植物写文。 我们生活在绚丽多彩的植物世界里,平时要多注意观察,才能逐步了解到各种植物的生长规律,作文的时候,才能正确地反映有关植物的现象。观察了解一种植物...

    日记大全 日期:2019-04-01 09:55:29

  • 【怎样指导学生课外阅读】怎样指导二年级孩子写日记 教师随笔

    我们可以从日记的格式、内容、两个方面入手教孩子写日记:日记的格式: 第一行:X月X日 ( 刚开始写或新的一年开始的第一篇 日记还应写清是哪一年 ) 星期X 天气:X (晴、阴、雨、雪、风等)。 第二行:题目(以你所写的“事”为题。题目要求写在...

    日记大全 日期:2019-04-01 09:39:00

  • 日记批改评语大全|小学生作文批改评语大全

    作 文 评 语 1.你很善于观察生活,能敏锐的捕捉一个个有意义的瞬间;你是个很有潜力的学生。 2.文章的语言很流畅,也写出了老师的感受。你是老师的知音,希望我们共同切磋,在文学的百花园中采撷芬芳的一束。 3.对不起,这一段老师没有读明白,你愿意为老师再解释一下吗?谢谢你。 4.你的字迹工...

    日记大全 日期:2019-03-30 10:39:43

  • 【班主任工作随笔】班主任工作日记一则 (一年级下册)

    六一来了--小学班主任日记一则 我校每两年一届的六一文艺汇演即将来临,作为班主任的我又要开始忙了。这次晚会我班应该出个什么节目呢?唱歌,跳舞,朗诵,器乐演奏,选个什么主题呢?对,我来网上看看。 节目终于选好了,一个是诗歌朗诵,一个是歌表演。开始准备光碟了,却遇到了一...

    日记大全 日期:2019-03-30 10:23:42

  • 新班主任杂志|读《班主任杂志》有感 班级工作日记(二年级上册)


    日记大全 日期:2019-03-30 10:21:03

  • 蚯蚓的日记|《蚯蚓的日记》导读课(综和专题)

    何艳艳 瓯海实小前汇2011(3)班【作品简介】:《蚯蚓的日记》,它是美国作家朵琳 克罗宁创作和美国漫画家哈利﹒布里斯合作的一部作品,曾荣登《纽约时报》畅销图书榜,亚马逊网上书店2003年畅销图书榜,《洛杉矶时报》畅销图书榜,2004年度“图书感觉奖”,03年《学校图书馆》杂志最佳图书。这一...

    日记大全 日期:2019-03-30 10:15:15

  • 实习日记100篇通用版_实习日记100篇万能

    实习就是把学到的理论知识拿到实际工作中去应用,以锻炼工作能力。以下是小编为大家整理的100篇万能实习日记,供大家参考!  20xx年9月1日 星期一 天气:晴  今天是我实习的第一天,早上醒的特别...

    日记大全 日期:2019-03-29 07:53:19

  • 【会计实习日记】万能实习日记


    日记大全 日期:2019-03-29 07:53:15

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  • 幼儿教师实习总结范文

      实习总结是工作中常用的一种报告类文体,但要写得规范,具有高质量,并非一朝一夕之功。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的幼儿教师实习 ...

    总结 日期:2019-04-11 13:56:45

  • 新郎结婚保证书范文 新郎保证书搞笑版

      在婚礼堵门游戏中,新郎的保证书是不可获取的重要环节,下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的新郎结婚保证书范文 新郎保证书搞笑版,希 ...

    条据信 日期:2019-04-11 13:52:45

  • 施工员试用期工作总结 施工员试用期自我总结

      施工员是基层的技术组织管理人员。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的施工员试用期工作总结 施工员试用期自我总结,希望能帮助到大家 ...

    总结 日期:2019-04-11 13:49:11

  • 校园安全讲话稿 民警校园安全讲话稿

      安全这个词,自古以来就是人类追求文明以及生存环境的话题。安全是无处不在的,所有的事情,只要有人的行为,就要谨记安全在我心中。下 ...

    演讲稿 日期:2019-04-11 13:46:18

  • 儿子生日祝福语2019

      朋友,当儿子的生日将要到来的时候,你是不是打算给他送上一条生日祝福语呢?下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的儿子生日祝福语,希望 ...

    祝福 日期:2019-04-11 13:14:02

  • 儒林外史读后感600字

      《儒林外史》脱稿后即有手抄本传世,后人评价甚高,鲁迅认为该书思想内容秉持公心,指摘时弊,胡适认为其艺术特色堪称精工提炼。下面是 ...

    读后感 日期:2019-04-11 13:11:29

  • 上班这党事|《上班这点事》的经典语录

    《上班这点事》:水至清则无鱼,人至察则无徒,女同胞想得太多,就闲了。  《上班这点事》:你可以就是原来小时候,那个高中不小心被学校抓到的那个你。请相信我,男人会始终愿意为那个状态去追求的。可是他很难去追求一个我明明看到你有点像高中生,可是你加了一个三十岁的负担、五十岁的思考、八十岁的理想,我怎么...

    党团 日期:2019-04-11 09:54:31

  • [唯美祝福语录简短]关于简短的教师节祝福语录

    1 生命如歌,桃李芬芳。生命如歌,是您种下了那些音符,是您用辛勤的汗水教育了我们!桃李满天下,师恩如海深!桃李不言,下自成溪。思念将我丝丝思念化作殷殷祝福捎给远方的您……曾经给我阳光、雨露、春风的老师!轻轻的一声回侯,不想惊扰您!只想真切知道您的一切是否安好……老师,也许就在今天,您不会想起我...

    祝福 日期:2019-04-11 09:53:44

  • 《俗世奇人》读后感|《俗世奇人》经典语录25句

    1、南门外那些水坑,哪个坑里有嘛鱼,哪个坑里的鱼大小,哪个坑的鱼有多少条,他心里全一清二楚。他能把坑里的鱼全钓绝了,但他也决不把任何一个坑里的鱼钓绝了。钓绝了,他玩嘛?  2、这一套可不是谁家定的,它地地道道是码头上的一种活法。  3、笑傲江湖忘红尘,一曲琴音远天涯五十开外。  4、手艺道上的人...

    读后感 日期:2019-04-11 09:51:52

  • 孙陶然简历|孙陶然的经典语录

    1、既要讲商业,也要讲人情,做企业不能唯利是图,一个对内对外没有人情味的企业不可能成为伟大的企业。  2、创业就是带着一群不认识的人,到一个未知的地方去。所以创业最重要的是核心团队。  3、作为一个公司的领头人,最不应该做的事就是凡事亲力亲为,而是要想清楚应该做什么。  4、我做事的三个原则:别...

    简历 日期:2019-04-11 09:50:03

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  • 动漫唯美图片 动漫唯美壁纸

      忧伤也是一种情绪,在很多动漫中少女忧伤的画面特别唯美,让人心疼,下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的动漫唯美图片 动漫唯美壁纸, ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:42:53

  • 动漫古风男生图片

      古装下的男生有着别样的魅力,他模样俊秀,举止高雅,像个翩翩公子。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的动漫古风男生图片,希望能帮助 ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:40:14

  • 动漫军装图片

      日本动漫中,有着许许多多的女性角色,其中一些不乏霸气十足的军装女神。这些军装女神帼不让须眉,战斗力一点也不逊色男性角色。下面是 ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:37:57

  • 动漫卡通 动漫卡通图片

      动漫卡通是很多人都喜欢收藏的图片,下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的动漫卡通 动漫卡通图片,希望能帮助到大家!  动漫卡通 动 ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:34:43

  • 动漫伤心的图片

      我们看动漫,不仅仅只为消遣,也被其中的人物剧情所感动着。伤感的画风让你看到动漫人物们的悲伤情怀!下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带 ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:31:13

  • 动漫人物简笔画男帅气

      动漫人物简笔画,简单的线条同样可以勾勒美丽的世界。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的动漫人物简笔画男帅气,希望能帮助到大家!  ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:28:58

  • 动漫人物简笔画 动漫人物简笔画图片

      简笔画是通过目识、心记、手写等活动,提取客观形象最典型、最突出的主要特点,以平面化、程式化的形式和简洁洗练的笔法,表现出既有概 ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:25:57

  • 动漫人物壁纸男生帅气

      大家都很喜欢这些帅气的人物,这种喜欢更多是一种崇拜。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的动漫人物壁纸男生帅气,希望能帮助到大家! ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:22:36

  • 动漫人物图片男生

      动漫产业是指以动画和漫画为表现形式,实现规模化、商品化经营的产业。下面是小学生作文网小编为大家带来的动漫人物图片男生,希望能帮 ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:20:13

  • 儿童书籍推荐

      儿童是一个国家未来的主人,他们被父母和政府寄予了高度的希望。儿童的身心健康总是牵动着无数人的心,并且直接关系着国家的可持续发展 ...

    文档大全 日期:2019-04-11 13:16:34

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  • 公司改革与创新_浅谈创新公司理财观点的必由之路

    关键词:公允价值;现值;理财学;管理会计学  摘要:公允价值会计基于价值和现值理念、兼容历史成本会计,不仅能够提供更相关的会计信息,而且促使了会计学要素向经济学概念实质的回归。公允价值自身具有的性...

    理财 日期:2019-04-11 08:34:01

  • 【职场新人自我介绍】职场新人四个方面培养理财


    理财 日期:2019-04-11 08:34:00

  • 互联网理财平台如何推广方案_互联网理财平台如何推广


    理财 日期:2019-04-11 08:33:28

  • [投资理财app排名]投资理财做好四个方面


    理财 日期:2019-03-28 07:49:43

  • [投资理财应拥有的心态有哪些]投资理财应拥有的心态有哪些

    1 坚守投资理财初心,避免沦为金钱的奴隶理财前首先要树立正确的金钱观,在不影响生活质量的前提下再用余钱进行理财。千万别存 “无本逐利”心理,因为那样极容易被金钱所绑架,沦为它...

    理财 日期:2019-03-28 07:49:42

  • 个人投资理财项目|个人投资理财的四个原则


    理财 日期:2019-03-28 07:49:41

  • 个人投资理财项目_个人投资理财的四个步骤


    理财 日期:2019-03-28 07:49:40

  • 【个人理财规划答案】四个个人理财的原则


    理财 日期:2019-03-28 07:49:40

  • [以公允价值计量且其变动计入]公允价值计量:创新公司理财观点的必由之路


    理财 日期:2019-03-25 08:36:32

  • 商业银行开展个人理财业务有下列|国内外商业银行个人理财业务的比较分析论文

    摘要:本文通过对国内、外商业银行个人理财业务 发展 状况进行比较分析,重点指出了我国商业银行个人理财业务与国外商业银行同类业务的差距,并针对此差距提出了对策建议,以期进一步促进我国商业银行个人理财业务的发展。  关键词:国内外商业银行;个人理财比较;对策  随着我国金融业的全面对外开放,外资银行...

    理财 日期:2019-01-10 09:16:27

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